The Bay Area’s Smart Home Automation Company

Silicon Valley Home Automation Contractor

The Bay Area’s Smart Home Automation Company

Evergreen is the smart home partner that interior designers, architects, and builders trust.

Communication breakdowns and conflicting visions can wreak havoc on projects with such scale and emotional investment as building a client’s home from the ground up.

Architects and designers choose Evergreen as their home automation contractor to avoid those conflicts as we partner well with your professional teams. This ensures that the technology many modern homeowners desire is incorporated seamlessly and elegantly into a client’s home.

Why work with our company? We are…

  • Locally-known and respected
  • Knowledgeable partners in professional home automation planning and designing process
  • Experts in home automation technology
  • Conscious of aesthetics

Feel at-ease and confident knowing that Evergreen’s Smart Home Automation services and products will not detract from your vision – they’ll complement it. Our company stands behind that promise.

Smart Homes start with smart plans.

All things are created twice; first mentally, then physically. The key to creativity is to begin with the end in mind, with a vision and a blueprint of the desired result. Stephen Covey

As exciting as it is to get started on a new project, we never skimp on planning ahead. From the start, before the foundation is even laid, we contribute to the final product to assure that your vision is never lost to technology. We are the smart home technology company you can trust to uphold your reputation.

In our home automation design consultations, we collaborate with you and offer:

  • Meticulous planning for the smoothest installation
  • Home automation systems that enhance aesthetic details and structures with lighting
  • Capability of eliminating visible or unsightly wiring
  • Collaboration on home automation products that enhance the work of the entire home planning team leading to the most satisfied clients.

Prevent future retrofits or workarounds. Bring in Evergreen Home Systems early in the process. It’s the smart thing to do.