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Evergreen Home Systems is in the dream home business in the San Jose area. We transform homes throughout the Silicon Valley with Smart Home automation technology to make them more enjoyable, more comfortable, more secure, and even more affordable.

From concept to design and then installation, we work seamlessly with your builder, architect, and/or designer as your expert home automation contractor to ensure your dream home remains just that –the fulfillment of everything you ever hoped and dreamed of. It’s how we earn your trust.

Learn more about how we bring convenience, comfort, and savings into Silicon Valley homes with the following home automation services:

Play it smart and pick our brains.

Start with an in-home free consultation with an expert smart home contractor.

We’ll take the guesswork out of the myriad of choices in home automation that are available today. Let us recommend what we’ve found to be the most effective both in terms of cost and application.