Silicon Valley Lutron Homeworks Sales & Installation

Homeworks controlled smart home Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley Lutron Homeworks Sales & Installation

As an authorized Lutron Homeworks dealer, we can help you illuminate your living space and a whole lot more at the press of a button

Lutron’s Homeworks brings a new level of control to your Bay Area smart home, allowing you to easily create the atmosphere that you’re looking for. 

With Homeworks you gain access to multiple systems within your home to adjust for warmth, drama, and presence. You can integrate the control of electric light and daylight, and sync with audio visual and HVAC systems while saving energy. 

Evergreen Home Systems is proud to be an authorized Homeworks dealer, bringing the best in smart home automation to our Silicon Valley customers. 

lutron homeworks controller

The capabilities of Homeworks are simply staggering: 

Set Your Home’s Lighting
Create the right lighting and atmosphere anywhere in your home at the touch of a button. 

Automate Your Blinds
Illuminate your home with natural light to get the most out of your home’s natural beauty.

Maintain Comfort at All Times
The thermostat is integrated with Homeworks for easy temperature control, even while you are away from home. 

Maintain Media Control
With Homeworks, you can control televisions, smart speakers, and other audio-visual equipment. 

Convenient Access
You’ll maintain easy access to the most frequently used systems functions. 

When you purchase a Homeworks system through Evergreen Home Systems, our friendly experts are there with you every step of the way to help you get the most benefits out of the platform. 

To quote Lutron, "Total home control can set the mood for a more quality life."

Enjoy Homeworks benefits throughout the home

Homeworks allows you to set the ambiance throughout your home. Whether you are looking for a quiet night in, a little family time, or entertaining guests, Homeworks can help you create the environment that’s right for you. 

Entry Way
When you come and go, you can set the exterior lights just how you want them or shut them off.  

You can create the perfect atmosphere for either a fast-paced family dinner or a quiet romantic evening. Homeworks gives you the control to adjust the lighting, blinds, and temperature to create the ideal environment. 

Living Room
It’s easy to dim the lights with Homeworks and create the perfect ambiance for entertaining. 

Dining Room
With a seeTouch keypad, it’s easy to control the environment for dining and entertaining. 

Family Room
The Homeworks system for controlling the blinds gives you increased privacy while enhancing home security. 

TV Room
The “All Off” button ensures the lights in the room are off after an evening spent watching TV with friends or family. You also have the flexibility to create lighting scenes for dinner parties or other events. 

Indoor Pool
Integration with iPhone and iPad make it easy to adjust blinds and save energy. You also can adjust audio visual equipment to provide music for a relaxing dip or an intense workout. 

Turn out all the lights in the home with one press of a button from the comfort of your bed. You can create a relaxing atmosphere for reading or watching TV, too. 

Sensors create an automatic system that turns lights on when people enter or exit the room helping you to save energy. 

Outdoor Areas
You can dim the lights for outdoor dining and save energy with the touch of a button. 

With Homeworks, you get a system designed to fit your needs and the style of your Bay Area home. The lighting and blind options make it easy to find something that will fit with your needs. The friendly experts at Evergreen Home Systems can help you find the right system for you. 

It all begins with a free home automation consultation

When it comes to smart home automation, you have a variety of options, and it can be overwhelming. We can help you determine if Homeworks is right for you and your Bay Area home and design a system that fits your needs. For a free home automation consultation, contact us today!