Silicon Valley/Bay Area Smart Home Automation Design & Installation

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Silicon Valley/Bay Area Smart Home Automation Design & Installation

From concept to finish, you can trust us to deliver on a plan – on time and on budget.

In need of home automation design and installation services or just wondering if a Smart Home is a smart thing to do? Either way we can help. Here’s what we provide for our customers throughout the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area to ensure success with every home automation service we do.

Smart Home Consultations –

We want your confidence in our ability to deliver, so we keep you in the loop from the beginning to the end.

To us, a consultation is our chance to get to know you and your unique home’s needs. As part of our service and process, we include up to three free consultations. In the end you’ll have confidence that we completely understand your vision and that we can deliver.

Smart Home Automation Design –

We’re experts so you don’t need to be.

As exciting as it is to start on a new project, we never skimp on planning ahead. From our experience, a project without a good design is courting disaster and can lead to compromises and additional costs along the way. So we begin every project with a great plan that we develop through collaboration with the home owner and architect or designer. This is the only way we know to provide excellent service and finally a great finished product. 

Product Recommendations and Purchasing –

You get only the best.

With our focus on customization, each smart home system is distinct. We don’t stock pre-packaged kits, or even any products at all – never have and never will.

This means we have no motivation to clear inventory or push certain products. With your purchase, you get what you want and what works best for your precise design. It’s yet another way you know that with Evergreen, you’re getting the best home automation services available in the Silicon Valley/San Jose area.

Smart Home Automation Installation –

The end result will be all you hoped for.

Our home automation installation service is minimally-obtrusive for your daily life & your walls. But that’s not all. We take care to show the utmost respect to you, your family members, and your home itself during the installation process. We promise to show up on time and put covers and blankets down in every area we work.  But more importantly, our installers are highly-trained professionals and receive continual training at least one day out of every month. As technology advances, so do we. The end result is everything you hoped for.

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