Bay Area Ketra Lighting Systems

Ketra Lighting Systems Bay Area

Bay Area Ketra Lighting Systems

We are a Ketra authorized dealer, illuminating homes in smart new ways in the Silicon Valley

Built from scratch with new innovations, Ketra’s LED lighting system allows homeowners in the Silicon Valley area to experience their elegant indoor environments in ways you never dreamed possible.  

And Evergreen Home Systems is proud to be a Ketra authorized dealer in the Silicon Valley. We offer our customers advanced lighting solutions such as you find in Ketra, so they can get the most out of their homes and their lives, while at the same time realizing energy savings. 

Read on to learn what Ketra can do for you. 

Control your lighting with pinpoint precision

Ketra LED lighting allows you to set the tone and the mood in any location around your home. The advanced lighting allows you to conjure up the warm glow associated with an incandescent bulb or create your own setting with the advanced Dynamic Spectrum Control. 

You can dial up a wide range of pristine whites and vibrant colors (from 1,400 to 10,000K) so that you can create the atmosphere for any room and any occasion. 

Enhance the beauty of your home

Ketra LED lighting can help you draw out the features of your home and add to its natural beauty. 

Create areas of natural light

Ketra lighting systems produce natural light that rises and falls with the natural rhythms of your day. 

Enhanced vibrancy

Ketra Vibrancy adjusts white light levels to enhance the features of your home such as finishes, artwork, or furnishings. 

Natural dimming

The Ketra lighting system warms naturally as it dims enhancing the natural feel within your home.  

Preserve color over time

One common issue with LED lighting systems is that the colors can degrade over time. They can also mismatch if the diodes come from more than one manufacturer. Ketra lighting systems come with Color Lock, which actively preserves the colors throughout the life of the light. 

More power in your home lighting system

Ketra lighting systems can be integrated into Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, or Josh.AI systems using Homeworks, for more homeowner control. 

Evergreen Home Systems is the right choice for your Ketra LED lighting installer

You are sure to love the elegance and beauty that Ketra lighting systems provide. If you would like to find out whether a Ketra system is right for your Silicon Valley or Bay Area home, contact us today for a free consultation. 

Evergreen Home Systems is proud to offer sales and installation of Ketra lighting systems and other Lutron fine products in the Bay Area.