Silicon Valley Lutron Lighting and Automated Window Shades

Silicon Valley Lutron Lighting and Automated Window Shades

We’re bringing Lutron’s intelligence and automation to Silicon Valley homes.

Evergreen Home Systems recommends and installs only the finest lighting control and automatic shades products on the market today, and Lutron is our first choice for Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area homes.

Lutron Lighting Controls

In essence, Lutron Electronics founded the residential lighting control industry. In 1961, they incorporated their company with their first dimmer, and since then have developed and patented over 2,700 unique products and processes. From their first simple dimmer dial that started in all, which is still commonly used in households across the world, Lutron continues to revolutionize the lighting control dimmer industry, always bringing the latest sleek designs and added efficiency into our homes. With their foundation in science and an eye for design, Lutron is Evergreen Home System’s choice when it comes to lighting control.

Lutron Automated Window Shades

Fitting hand in hand with their dimmer lighting products are the Lutron automated shades. With the addition of automated shades, it’s possible for you to control both the electric and natural light in your home for further customization and optimization of the lighting in your space. Lutron’s automated window shades integrate easily into our Evergreen Home System’s control features. They operate quietly and smoothly, and they can even be controlled through an app on your mobile devices if you choose. Or, let the system do the work for you and program the shades to transition on schedules to let in light in the morning and give you privacy at night–or on whatever schedule suits you. It’s another effective and smart addition to your home that allows you to fine tune your home’s ambiance. And it should not go unmentioned, they are beautiful too.

If you’re looking for lighting and/or window shade controls for your home, look no further. Lutron is the smart choice.

Lutron Electronics is a company we know and trust at Evergreen, as so many of Lutron’s customers have for their nearly 50 year history. Their reputation for state of the art technology, quality, comprehensive warranties, and genuine care for their customers and employees makes them a smart and responsible choice for smart homes. We use Lutron’s dimmer lighting and automated shades products exclusively for integration into our smart home systems because we know you’ll appreciate their performance just as much as you will their elegant style.

We transform homes in San Jose, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Fremont, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Los Altos, Redwood City, Campbell and all points in between with smart Lutron technology. Call for a free in-home consultation today.